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Creating the perfect custom stair design is something we can assist the homeowner, general contractor, or business owner with. From the most-basic of a stair part to beautiful monumental, spiral, or flared stairs – Florida Stairs & Millwork are full-service dealers & designers.
When you decide to create custom stairs, you open up a world of possibilities that can awaken a fun journey to discover everything you want your stairs to do. Stairs are dynamic. Stairs create movement but they also present a personality that needs to be in harmony with your home.
Florida Stairs & Millwork are not only full-service dealers & designers, we create the perfect custom stair solution for your home, for your family, and for you. Our stairs can be created in most any wood species you prefer or we can use multiple materials and blend them nicely. Aluminum, Metal, Iron, Stone, and Glass are common materials with custom stair creations.

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Custom Stairs & Millwork

Creating a beautiful interior space for your home or business requires a focused effort to make it memorable, while enhancing functionality. It is not something that comes easily for many but now you can have the best of the best through the custom millwork and stair creations by Tony Duran of Florida Stairs & Millwork in Panama City, Florida. Tony has spent most of his life in the pursuit of building the perfect stairs. And after working privately for contractors for many long years he decided to open up with design-build services and beautiful custom woodworking to consumers across the Southeast United States. You can now purchase complete custom woodworking for residential & commercial properties.

Complete Custom Woodworking for Residential & Commercial Properties. Building in wood makes a lasting impression with much to be enjoyed.

Custom wood spiral staircases are considered to be some of the most complex and difficult project to design, build, and install. Spiral staircases require mastery woodworking skills and precise designs. Tony loves these projects and uses them to keep his craftsmanship sharpened for building more routine stairs for homes, offices, churches, and commercial buildings of varying uses. He also loves crafting wainscoting, crown molding, unique railings, and other woodworking projects to enhance your lifestyle. Let's build your dreams and make your residential or commercial space perfectly you.

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